Creating powerful visuals and professional content for business.

REN Media has been working hard in our local community and beyond to provide high-quality video production services for all kinds of businesses. We focus on creating content that will improve you public image, and provide important information about your brand in a consumable way. We strive to always put YOUR best foot forward, to produce content that will drive engagement, brand recognition and confidence.

We work hard to make the video production process as easy as possible. Our clients are business owners like us, with tight schedules and limited availability. Our strengths include reliability and communication, so you never have to worry about your project falling off schedule or becoming a hassle. We are always happy to travel outside of our South Florida base to help you with your video needs.

Our Team

Ari Feldmiller

Ari started REN Media with the goal to build a video production company from the ground up. She started small, but not without experience. She has been involved in video production for 9 years, having worked for several production companies, produced videos for businesses in-house, while taking on side projects for local artists and businesses. She also gained valuable business marketing skills and consulted several businesses in social media and video marketing. She finally decided it was time to step out and create her own brand and style of video productions.

Ari has worked hard to create a reputation for REN Media as bold as her own. She and her team will bring your project to life with hard work and creative excellence.

Myles Feldmiller

From a young age, Myles spent a large majority of his time behind any camera he could find filming family times and directing short stories with siblings and friends. A love of film production later grew to include a love for photography over the past 7 years. Building a portfolio in Arizona was a road of adventure through fire, flood, snow and desert sunshine all for the sake of producing top quality artwork. Myles worked with a wide variety of models, performers and businesses throughout the greater Phoenix region and has his work featured online across multiple social media platforms as well as being published in the Phoenix Business Journal in 2017. Joining REN Media now, Myles brings his energy and photography experience to the established business ready and excited to deliver the very best.